Danville Publishing a music, multimedia & book publisher started it’s business in 1987 and launched the company called Prime Time Records which engages in music production and distribution business. Danville Publishing is responsible for discovering artists such as Tara Kemp of Bass House and released the number #1 Billboard Hit “Hold You Tight”. We also own interest in many songs, books, domain names and websites which are available for licensing, purchase & download. We have Produced and/or discovered through our Prime Time Records division Recording Artists such as Tara Kemp of Bass House, Tony Solo, Thynn Ice, Automatic, D-Love, Alibi, Devonne Taylor, Simonne Savage, Kold “N” Motion, D Bros. just to name a few.

Our Search:

Danville Publishing is always looking for new and up & coming Artists, Songwriters, bands, Songs, producers and Authors. If you think you have the talent and have a great song or book let us know because Danville Publishing can help.

We’ve Worked With:

Danville Publishing has worked with Artists and other Talent, through our Prime Time Records division, such as Ant Banks, DJ Juanito, DJ EFX, Mind Motion, ill Mannered Posse (IMP), K4 Productions, Too Big MC, MC Hammer, B Legit, AMW, Morocco Moe, Chris Monroe and Many More!