AUTOMATIC a San Francisco native, broke into the rap scene in 1982. Hip Hop music was gaining national popularity and his phenomenal D.J. abilities earned him the title “One of San Francisco’s Funkiest D.J.’s”. His audience, included hundreds of “rap-crazed teenagers” either watching him or dancing to the beat as he performed his turntable magic. In no time he started rapping which added a whole new dimension to his popularity. To Automatic rapping came natural. His lyrics flowed like the beat that backed them. He started writing his own music, in local recording studios, located in San Francisco and was ready to take his talent to the next level.

Long-time friend and D.J. Alexander Pamfiloff a.k.a. “Kapone” had recently formed Prime Time Records, an independent record label dedicated primarily to R & B, Rap, Techno/House & Pop music. With Prime Time having their own recording studio they produced Artist’s such as Tara Kemp of Bass House, and originally released the #1 hit single “Hold You Tight” on the Prime Time label which went platinum. The studio and label gained recognition and started working with artists like, America’s Most Wanted, Chill E.B., DJ EFX, DJ Juanito, 4-Way, MC Hammer, D-LOVE, Ant Banks, Tony Solo, & Ill Mannered Posse (IMP) to name a few.

In 1991 Prime Time released Automatic’s first record “I’m Automatic” which did very well in dance clubs. Automatic started performing all over California, at car shows, concerts, clubs and any other venue with live performances. His band played with acts such as N2DEEP, a Vallejo based group with the #1 song “Back To The Hotel”, Ill Manored Posse (IMP) and Spice 1.

Visually Automatic appears to be just another white rapper, but when you talk to him, you learn about his roots in the Mission District of San Francisco, an area known to be infested with drugs and gangs. His music reflects the atmosphere and circumstances he grew up in, holding nothing back, and telling it like it is.

Automatic, a.k.a. Steve Lazaneo, now more mature in his performing capabilities, embarked on an acting career, which appears to be quite promising. With his appearance in the Warner Brothers’ motion picture “Mad City”, which stars John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, and Alan Alda, and the fact that he also wrote the rap lyrics for the theme song to the movie with director Costa Gavras, with Kapone doing the Remix, there are many opportunities awaiting this talented performer.

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