PLAN-B started out as a concept and slowly developed into the band that exists today. With a diverse background of music like Funk, Alternative Rock, Blues, Pop, House, and Punk, these aspects are incorporated into the sound of Plan B. The two writers are cousins born and raised in San Francisco and have played in many different bands throughout the years. “We were exposed to the sounds of the Doors, Beatles, Jacksons, Cameo, Parliament, Aerosmith, B52′s, Dead Kennedy’s, Franky Bones, Sonic Youth, Greenday, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, and Third Eye Blind just to name a lot. So our music reflects our need for different sounds,” said one of the cousins. Their mixture of live drums, live guitars, along with sampled and synthesized drums and guitars creates a sound all their own. The backup vocalist Dara originally from Los Angeles, who has sung with bands for years, sings some lead. Some songs are lead by the male members of the group, which creates a interesting change between songs. The band performs live seldom but puts on a great show. Writers such as Billy Jam have described the band as a Funk/Ska/Rock Trio. “We do not care how they categorize our band,” said Plan B, “as long as people enjoy it.” To understand Plan B can be difficult but once you’re hooked it brings new flavors of music to your life. The release of their new album called “Decisions” shall open the eyes of their past fans and the ones to come.

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